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Since we were founded in 2008, we have stressed that social media is not a fad. In fact, we have always stressed that social media is the here and now. We quickly gained clients, and got them set up with Facebook, Twitter and yes, even MySpace profiles (although we quickly abandoned MySpace because of its dwindling number). Part of our services were to teach clients to understand and embrace social media. While we didn’t call it customized training, we were offering customized trainings to our clients, based on their skill levels and desire for knowledge.

Over the past couple of years, we have taken on “clients” to do one-on-one trainings to teach them how to use Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, YouTube and now Google+. We typically do a 30 minute phone call with client to assess their current knowledge of social media, and then spend about 2 hours with them in person giving them a overview of whatever site or sites they want to know about. After trainings, we find that many clients come back to us for advance training, or realize they don’t have the time to manage their own social media.

At a recent planning meeting, we decided to expand our trainings to larger groups. We are currently working on securing dates and locations to provide these trainings to groups of 10-25 people. These trainings will be about 3 hours long and cover how to set your business up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Google+ with tips and tricks to make your social media presence work for you.

Michael and his team helped with my nomination campaign for Canadian Senate, their knowledge of how to use social media in politics is impressive. They are well organized, responsive and made understanding how to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter easy and fun. I could always count on them to be up-to-speed on the latest social media trends, and give me the information I needed in laymen’s terms. I highly recommend their work.” - Scott Tannas, Canadian Senator from Alberta
“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Michael since 2003. He is Reliable, Innovative and an Out-of-the-box thinker. His knowledge of how to use social media is impressive – he has made me a believer in social media.” - Alan Nakanishi, former California State Assemblymember
“Interstate PR (ROICOM Consulting, LLC) is well organized and had great ideas on how to take things to the next level. I was able to get a hold of them at anytime to discuss my needs and concerns. The gave me the personal attention that many larger firms don’t have the time or resources to give. Their rates were reasonable and the developed a package that fit my needs.” - Mark Packard, Carlsbad City Councilmember
“We hired Interstate PR (ROICOM) to help us establish and initially maintain our social media program and presence. They helped our social media grow, and gave us valuable insight and knowledge making the process easy and very understandable. They helped us established a relationship with the military to develop an outreach program for us to honor our brave troops and their families. Their efforts have helped us reach a new level of success.” - Wally Schlotter, UltraStar Cinemas