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Video, video, video. People love to take video with their mobile phones and upload them online. Now, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you too can broadcast your life in full living color in real time. It's actually a really cool feature that's being used properly - by some, and abused by others. 

So, how does live video effect your business? Say your doing a drawing and you want people to know that the winning selection was random, not rigged - like many are saying the NBA Finals are - wait, different blog, different time. I digress, you can use the live video feature to show the drawing. Back in March, we helped Holy Cross Academy do a live video feed for the Green & Gold Gala raffle drawing, which included great items like a trip to Disneyland and free tuition for a year (unfortunately, we didn't win either); however, we were able to broadcast the drawing live on Facebook. So, the 250+ people in attendance (and thanks to the info shown on the screen as we were broadcasting) another 50 people - got to see who won... live. The great thing is that the video posted like an uploaded video without taking space on our device. 

Why do I write about this? Well, using social media to the best of its abilities should be part of your social media plan. While you may not need to broadcast a raffle, you could go live to show the corporate environment in your office, a band setting up before their show, your executive chef expediting orders, bartenders mixing drinks or whatever might show off your business best. Here are a few tips about using live video:

  • Hold your device steady
  • Give people a good idea in the description what they are watching
  • DON'T script your live feed 
  • Unless your broadcasting a talk or press conference keep it short: 5-10 minutes
  • If you can, download a video streaming software, use a video camera and broadcast from a computer
  • Finally, read the comments and, whenever possible make sure you give an audio response - people want to know that your interacting with them, I mean the whole point behind social media is a 2-way conversation, right?

Remember, social media is about telling your story to sell you, not to sell your product. If you give people an actual look into the daily life of... you revealing more of the story, making you a more trustworthy brand.

Michael and his team helped with my nomination campaign for Canadian Senate, their knowledge of how to use social media in politics is impressive. They are well organized, responsive and made understanding how to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter easy and fun. I could always count on them to be up-to-speed on the latest social media trends, and give me the information I needed in laymen’s terms. I highly recommend their work.” - Scott Tannas, Canadian Senator from Alberta
“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Michael since 2003. He is Reliable, Innovative and an Out-of-the-box thinker. His knowledge of how to use social media is impressive – he has made me a believer in social media.” - Alan Nakanishi, former California State Assemblymember
“Interstate PR (ROICOM Consulting, LLC) is well organized and had great ideas on how to take things to the next level. I was able to get a hold of them at anytime to discuss my needs and concerns. The gave me the personal attention that many larger firms don’t have the time or resources to give. Their rates were reasonable and the developed a package that fit my needs.” - Mark Packard, Carlsbad City Councilmember
“We hired Interstate PR (ROICOM) to help us establish and initially maintain our social media program and presence. They helped our social media grow, and gave us valuable insight and knowledge making the process easy and very understandable. They helped us established a relationship with the military to develop an outreach program for us to honor our brave troops and their families. Their efforts have helped us reach a new level of success.” - Wally Schlotter, UltraStar Cinemas