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Years in Business

In 2009, we set out, as ROICOM Consulting, LLC, to change the world – one brand story at a time. Here we are, still around and thriving. We still have clients who have been with us from the beginning. 

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Happy Clients

We’ve been with clients, just like you, to tell their stories by creating distinctive brands and sharing unique content that builds a strong local connection while appealing to a global audience. 

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Brands (re)Built

A branding and rebranding agency focused on you and giving you the look that your fits your businesses feel and story. Using our 5 W’s process to get a real feel for your brand’s global branding strategy needs. 


Local Feel, Global Appeal™

Your brand is who you are; it says, “This is what I am. This is why I exist!” Our “Local Feel, Global Appeal™” approach helps our clients capture the essence of maintaining a strong connection to their local roots and identity while simultaneously appealing to a global audience.

In our experience, brands grow with an integrated and holistic plan. Interstate PR develops creative and, when needed, unconventional approaches to  tell our clients’ stories.


It really is all about you!

At our core, Interstate PR believes that telling your brand’s story using new and traditional methods will bring you more business than gimmicky promotions and conventional advertising methods. 


At Interstate PR, we believe there are four key components to a great public relations plan: Purpose, Principles, People, and Process. We develop PR strategies using these four pillars to align with your overall communications objectives. Our public relation services includes media relations, press releases, media events, influencer partnerships, along with reputation and crisis management. Our goal is that your PR efforts complement your other outreach activities, reinforcing your brand messaging and positioning.


Your brand is who you are; it says, “This is what I am. This is why I exist,” and represents your company’s unique set of qualities, values, and experiences. Whether rebranding your business or building a new brand, your brand should set your business apart from competitors and creates a connection with your target audience. Interstate PR will help you develop brand assets and build brand guidelines around your logo, tagline, colors, typography, visual elements, tone of voice, and brand story.


Web design is dynamic – it constantly evolves with changing technology and design trends. We optimize your online presence by creating or enhancing your website, ensuring it showcases your brand story, values, and offerings. You don’t want the same old boring website design offered by big hosting company-branded website template that millions of other people use. Get your site the way you want it – done right!


Media relations helps shape public perception, enhance brand visibility, and influence media narratives. At Interstate PR, we proactively engage with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to secure press coverage, product reviews, features in relevant publications, and broadcast segments.


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