In 2009, we set out to change the world – one brand story at a time. At our core, Interstate PR believes that telling your brand’s story using new and traditional methods will bring you more business than gimmicky promotions and conventional advertising methods. 

You know what? We were right! Over a decade later, we are still working with clients, just like you, to tell their stories by creating distinctive brands and sharing unique content that builds a strong local connection while appealing to a global audience.

Contact us to start crafting your brand’s story today. 

About Us

Michael Babowal 

A public relations ninja, Michael works hand-in-hand with clients to develop their brand story using the new and traditional methods.

He studied Political Science and Communications at San José State University, brings over a decade and a half of experience in public relations, content development, community outreach & social media experience to Interstate PR’s team. Michael’s has worked for 2 California State Assembly Members, California’s 10th largest chamber of commerce & was the co-founder of the North County Young Professionals Program, in North San Deigo County. For over a decade he has been conceiving & creating bold brands and content for print, customer & corporate communications. Michael provides a plethora of knowledge & experience in public relations, social media management, branding, community outreach, & content development. He holds Social Marketing & Conflict Resolution from Hootsuite & UC Davis respectively.

About Us

Crystal Babowal 

Samurai of awesomeness. An expert event planner, project manager, and coach in training.

Interstate PR gets the job done right, on time, and creatively. Michael has been great to work with both politically, and, as a digital PR consultant for my Restaurant, Woodbridge Crossing . I recommend him highly!
-Steve Ding, Woodbridge Crossing.